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Yes in mandarin

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Yes - Standard Mandarin Chinese Phrase

Learn how to say the Chinese phrase for Yes with standard Mandarin pronunciation. Free Mandarin phrases with pinyin and literal translation

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“Yes” and “No” in Mandarin Chinese | Shawn Powrie

It’s a simple question right? How do you say “yes” or “no” in Mandarin Chinese? Unfortunately sometimes simple questions have complex answers, and in this.

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Learn How to Say Yes In Mandarin Chinese

Learn How to Say Yes In Mandarin Chinese There are many different ways to say Yes in Chinese. Here are just some of the most common ways. They all.

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Chinese (Mandarin)/Everyday Phrases - Wikibooks, open.

Chinese (Mandarin)/Everyday Phrases. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. 唯 - wei3 - Yes/Hello (only used when answering the phone). You, xie xie. -.

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how do you say yes and no in chinese(mandarin.

Hi sewwandi, I don t think there s a cure-all answer to your question. A 100% accurate counterpart to yes and no in Mandarin doesn t exist because strictly speaking.

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Is wěi how you say YES in Chinese? | Yahoo Answers

There is no universal yes and no in mandarin. If you want to respond affirmative, you say the verb again. For example, take the following direct translation.

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How to Say Yes | Mandarin Chinese

How to Say Yes | Mandarin Chinese Howcast. Loading. How to say Yes and No - Mandarin Grammar 9 - Yoyo Chinese - Duration: 2:45. Yangyang Cheng.

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7 ways to say Yes in Chinese - Ninchanese

In this article, you’re going to learn 7 easy yet useful ways to say Yes in Mandarin Chinese. Start learning Chinese on Ninchanese for free now!

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Yes ! Mandarin

Thanks Yes ! Mandarin Erdal N. Just a quick note to say thanks to the Yes ! Mandarin me to start new challenges smoothly in this country from the course last few months.

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